People Make Mistakes

April 1, 2018
korean work


These days most of the management at my company are on holiday, so I was very busy today. My colleague made a mistake, our company’s website was down for about 5 minutes. I do not like working with people who make a lot of mistakes.


지금은 거의 모든 제 회사의 관리자들이 휴일중 여서, 저는 오늘 정말 바빴어요. 제 동료가 오늘 실수했어서 우리 회사의 웹사이트가 5분간 정도 고장났어요. 저는 실수할 때가 많은 사람들과 일하는 것을 싫어해요

Broken Things are Annoying!

April 1, 2018
japanese work