Fishy Situation

April 1, 2018
japanese writing practice


Your topic is Environment

  • What happens to recyclable materials after they are picked up from your house?
  • Are the rivers and beach areas in your city or town polluted? Would you swim there?
  • Why do some people not consider environmental problems to be serious?


The bottles that you throw out get collected by the garbage truck and taken to the garbage dump. In Sydney, the recyclable bottles and paper waste is put in the same bin, so after it arrives at the garbage dump, it is taken to a recyclable waste section of the garbage dump and then the different types of waste are sorted there.

There’s a river in Sydney called the Georges River. This river has a sign next to it saying that you will get sick if you eat fish taken from this river. Even though there is so much pollution in this river, since people don’t often go to the river for swimming and things like that, people are not often thinking about cleaning this river. It doesn’t really have much of a visible impact on most people’s lives, so I think a lot of people do not consider this pollution to be a serious problem.


捨てられたペットボトルはゴミ収集車に回収されて、ゴミ収集車がごみ廃棄場へ持って行きます。 シドニーにはペットボトルと紙類は一緒のごみ箱に入れることになっています。 ゴミ廃棄場に着いた後、リサイクル可能なゴミをすべて集めて分別をします。

シドニーにはジョージェズ川という川があって、公害が多くあります。そのため、 この川から取った魚を食べたら病気になると警告している看板が川の隣にあります。 それほどひどい公害があるのに、オーストラリア人は普段川に行って泳いだり遊んだりすることがあまりないから、 公害を清潔にすることについて考える機会がないと思います。 普通の生活に影響を及ぼされることがないから、多くの人は深刻な問題と捉えていないと思います。

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